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Plasmacluster Air Purifiers with Humidifying Functions
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Plasmacluster Air Purifiers with Humidifying Functions
  • Recommended for a space of 26 m2 (w/o the Humidifying Function switched on)
  • New and Slimmer design
  • Humidifying Function
  • Operating the unit with Humidifying Function and Plasmacluster Ion mode reduces static electricity more effectively. Thus preventing dust and airborne microbes from clinging to walls, curtains.
    This helps the air purifier to collect the dust, airborne micobes more efficiently.
  • New! Haze Mode
  • The air purifier operates at Maximum airflow for the first 10 minutes and at CLEAN ION SHOWER Mode for the next 50 mins. It then alternates between MAX and LOW Fan speed.
    With a stronger airflow for the first 60 mins, a high density of Plasmacluster Ions are dispersed into the entire room which reduces the static electricity. Thus making it easier to capture the haze particles.
  • New! Rainy Season Mode
  • Great for using during the rainy season to inhabit growth of mold.
  • New! Auto Louver
  • A louver closes over the air flow outlet when the unit is switched off preventing dust from entering.
  • New! Casters with stoppers
  • For easy moving of the unit.
  • Filters that last up to 10 years
  • The air purifier is equipped with a HEPA filer, deodorizing filter and humifiying filter that last up to 10 years.

*Filter life varies with the condition in which the unit is used in and the frequency of usage. Monthly maintenance is recommended.

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