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Air Purifier/Humidifier
Air Purifier/Humidifier
  • Removal of Micron-Size Dust Particles Including 0.3-Micro Viruses & Dust Allergens
  • Removal of Odours
  • Capture Microscopic Dust Particles as small 500 Microns
  • High-Density Plasmacluster Ions Remove Airborne Mold and Viruses
    • Removal of Airborne Mold *1
    • Suppressing the Activityof Airborne Viruses *2
    • Removal of Airborne Dust Mite Allergens *3
    • Reduction of Static Electricity *4
    • Removal of Clinging Odors *5
  • Haze Mode Powerfully Collects Haze Particles and Keeps the Room Air Clean
  • When in Haze mode, operation is at maximum airflow for the first 10 minutes, and then switches to a higher airflow for the next 50 minutes. After that, operation repeatedly alternates between normal and high airflow every 20 minutes.
  • Combination of Plasmacluster Technology and Three-Step Dust Collection System
  • 1. REMOVE - Plasmacluster Ions Reduce Static Electricity
    2. COLLECT - Powerful Air Suction and Unique Airflow Circulation Quickly and Efficiently Collect Dust and Other Particles
    3. CAPTURE - High-Performance Filters Capture Airborne Dust and Odor Particles
      *1 Effectiveness in a test space of 31 m3 after 195 min. of use.
      *2 Effectiveness in a closed test space of 25 m3 after 18 min. of use.
      *3 Effectiveness in a test space of 31 m3 after four weeks of use (one day: 24 hours).
      *4Effectiveness in a test space of 41 m3 after 80 min. of use. The effectiveness depends on the odor type, odor intensity, and material of object measured.
      *5Effectiveness in a test space of 41 m3 after 10 min. of use.

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