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SJ-GF60W-A combines Sharp’s plasmacluster technology for optimum food freshness and a host of functional and energy-saving features to present an innovative and luxurious addition to your kitchen. Made in Japan.
  • Plasmacluster Ion System
    Plasmacluster technology generates the same positive and negative ions found in nature to purity air inside the refrigerator.
  • Hybrid Cooling System
    This frost-free cooling system absorbs moisture from the air when refrigerator door is open then circulates the collected moisture throughout the interior.
  • Automatic Ice-Making System (Rock Ice, 2 shapes)
    The Ice Maker system automatically forms ice cubes after the water tank has been filled.
  • Auto- Cleaning Function
    Experience clean operation and fuss-free maintenance with the Auto Cleaning function which automatically washes the ice trays and water supply tubing.
  • LED Touch-Control Panel
    The touch control panel indicates conditions inside the refrigerator and lights up whenever a refrigerator door is opened. Power-Saving Mode, Plasmacluster operation, and Automatic Ice Maker selections can all be controlled from the panel.
  • 3-way Tempered Glass Shelf
    The 3-way shelf can be folded and compressed to accommodate larger items.
  • Power-Saving Mode
    Using artificial intelligence, this mode automatically assesses usage patterns to reduce energy waste.
  • Auto-Closing Doors
  • Door-Open Chime
  • Low Temperature Freezing
  • Expressing Freezing Function
  • Hot-Food Freezing Function
  • Nano Low Temperature Deodorizing catalyst
  • LED Lighting

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